The PINKKISS House Project is a social media show featuring models, photographers, filmmakers, and special guests - all staying in our Content House!

The team will create and publish content across PINKKISS’ Instagram and TikTok accounts alongside stories and live chat sessions.

Each week, Instagram followers will be able to vote on who leaves and who joins the house, and 1 lucky winner from the followers will be chosen to join the team in the Content House for a week!

The contestants will be competing for a grand prize of $10,000 to $100,000, and the first show will be hosted this year in Bali, Indonesia.



House Guests:

There will be 20 houseguests in total (in the mini-show there will only be 14):

  • 12 Models (or 8)
  • 4 Photographers (or 2)
  • 2 Filmmakers/Videographers
  • 2 Special Guests

Everyone will be split into two teams, PINK and KISS, of 6 or 9 people each (not including the 2 special guests).


On the first day, everyone will have the opportunity to shoot together. At the end of day one, the 2 photographers will choose their teammates one by one to form 2 teams, PINK and KISS.

The Competition:

Every day each team will publish 1 post to the PINKKISS Instagram account and 1 video on the PINKKISS TikTok account.

At the end of the week, the Likes from all the posts for that week will be counted and the team with the most Likes will win the weekly competition.

The competition encourages teams to create and publish the best photos and videos. Every day a new model from each team has to be featured (a team cannot feature one model twice in a week unless it is a picture of three or more models together).


The team losing the weekly competition will have to nominate 3 members to leave the house. These nominations will be voted on by PINKKISS followers, and the one with the least number of votes will leave the house.

New HouseGuests:

Every week social media followers will choose 1 model/photographer to join the house. The new houseguest will replace the one eliminated.


The team which receives the most Likes throughout the season will win the grand prize.


Houseguests must follow all rules during their stay.

Should a houseguest break any rule of the game, they can be expelled from the house and not allowed to return again.

During their stay in the house, all houseguests must post daily on their social media channels with PINKKISS hashtags and links.

Special Guests:

The house hosts 2 special guests each week.

Advisor - either a mega influencer or a sponsoring company representative who will ensure fairness and will give opinions on each piece of content produced by the two teams.

Giveaway winner -  the person winning the random social media giveaway from among participating followers

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