How to get fans on OnlyFans?

Sure, you’ve made your Creator’s account at the website. And that’s fantastic! Currently, the Onlyfans website offers great opportunities for development. There are plenty of people using the platform - let’s be precise, around 50 Million registered users.

Probably you have uploaded some content to your profile as well - selecting good looking pictures and videos. What can be better than unique high-quality materials and a classy description.

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Yet, somehow there are no fans interested in subscribing to your account. Or if you do have some interested parties, maybe there has been a retention of new subscribers?

Therefore, exactly how to get fans on Onlyfans? Is there a right way, a specific algorithm to follow? Can everyone do it?;

We are certain that many creators are asking themselves those questions. And there is a good reason for that!

An Onlyfans account doesn’t go with a specific guide for development. It really depends on the knowledge base which a person has of the platform and it’s potential for future growth.

Some methods and platforms of promoting your Onlyfans account have become extremely popular, and others not so much. That’s why we are going to talk about all of them.

How to get fans on OnlyFans with Social Media

Everyone is on social media and this step is very important. If you don’t have other social profiles, or if you want to remain 100% anonymous - it will be that much harder for you to build yourself a big range of subscribers for your OnlyFans creator account.

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If you would like to use your social profiles, the first thing you should know is: Do not link directly to your OnlyFans account. This means, that is you must use a third party website for all of your social links.

For instance, Instagram does not tolerate users linking to their Onlyfans accounts and could ban your profile for that. If you don’t want to risk it, just link some of the following websites which contains ALL of your social accounts instead:

Almost all social media platforms (and especially Instagram) recognize when you link to OnlyFans and since they don’t allow that, they “shadow ban” you and reduce the amount of visibility you get from hashtags and stories.

Instagram will blacklist hashtags with keywords related to nudity, OnlyFans, sexually explicit content and also illegal substances, racial issues, etc.

So, those websites are your alternative!

How to get fans on OnlyFans with Instagram

How to get fans on onlyfans Instagram

Instagram is not the best place to promote your OnlyFans account, due to all the Onlyfans and nudity restrictions.

However, you could use this:

  • Use a third party website for all your links!
  • Do not link your Onlyfans profile in that third-party website for links (like
  • Instead, link your Twitter account.
  • In your Twitter account you can link to your OnlyFans profile :))

So, in a way you CAN do it!

How to get fans on OnlyFans with Twitter

Twitter doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to OnlyFans and adult content. Which is great! We can use that.

Also, you can use OnlyFans related hashtags on Twitter. Check out these popular and hot tags which you can apply:

onlyfansbabe #Onlyfans #onlyfansmodel #OnlyFansPromo #Onlyfansnewby #onlyfansgirl #onlyfanspages #onlyfanscreator #egirl #sellingcontent #onlyfansgirls #onlyfans #onlyfansspotlight #onlyfansgirl

If you want Twitter followers, this means that you must post content regularly. The content can help you build a fan base. And not only that, also you have to reply to comments and DM’s.

How to get fans on OnlyFans with Reddit

How to get fans on onlyfans Reddit

Reddit is a nice social platform with NO adult or Onlyfans restriction policies. That means that you could link to your Onlyfans in your Reddit profile.

Another good thing about it, is that there is a thing called ‘Subreddits’.

Subreddits are different communities of users who are interested in a particular niche.;

Here is a list of popular Onlyfans Subreddits where you can share your stuff if you do nude content:

How to get fans on OnlyFans with TikTok

How to get fans on onlyfans TikTokTikTok is like Instagram, very restricted for this niche. Do not use any Onlyfans links or mentionings.

However, you are allowed to place a link to and place a link to your Onlyfans account in your bio.

TikTok does not support any sexual content, so be careful there.

Use it to upload content with trending challenges, provocative videos, and dancing (with clothes).

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