How to cancel onlyfans subscription or account?

As a successful online subscription-based platform, Onlyfans has reached a number of 450, 000 content creators (a.k.a influencers), as well as 30 million registered users who operate within the website/ app.

However, the prosperity of the platform does not guarantee that every user or content creator will be able to benefit from it.

How to cancel onlyfans subscription

What will be the answer to the questions ‘How to cancel OnlyFans subscription’ and ‘How to cancel OnlyFans’?

Well, follow these easy steps below to make sure that you will no longer be charged for your Onlyfans account or subscriptions.

How to cancel subscription on onlyfans?

There is a term called ‘auto-renew’ on the platform. It is very important to note that subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default. This does not include the Free trial subscriptions - they do not renew automatically.

How to cancel onlyfans subscription

Your subscriptions will not auto-renew if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • If your credit card is declined.
  • If you have disabled the auto-renew option.
  • If the price of the subscription has increased.

To cancel an existing subscription, you must go to your ‘Following’ page. There you will see all of the active & inactive subscriptions. Select those which you wish to unsubscribe from and cancel the subscription.

Please, keep in mind that there are no refunds for your subscriptions. Onlyfans do not give you your money back if you have already paid for a subscription. After canceling a subscription, you are prevented from being charged any further.

When the subscription is cancelled successfully, you won’t see the Creator’s posts on your Feed (unless you subscribe again).

If you are searching for another way to do this, you can always contact the support team of the platform at: and request them to cancel your subscription/s.

This is how to cancel subscription on OnlyFans!

How to cancel OnlyFans account?

Let’s say you have been earning enough money from your online influence on OnlyFans, however, now you have decided to move on from this App. Or, you simply wish to advance in a different path.

Whatever the reasons, there is a simple solution if you wish to know how to cancel OnlyFans account :

First, make sure that you do not have any active subscriptions on your account. If you do, you will not be permitted to delete your account.

Second, since you have cancelled all of the active subscriptions (on your ‘Following’ page, now you are ready to proceed to the termination of your account.

It’s very easy - Go to your account page and click on ‘Delete Account’.

You are done!

Note, that the alternative way to delete your account is to send an email to the Onlyfans support team and ask them to do it for you.
They will be happy to help!

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