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PINK KISS is an innovative Talent Agency

PINK KISS is an innovative Talent Agency specialized in Social and Fanclubs management .

We are the largest and most successful fanclubs management company assisting creators to realise their dreams.

Some of Pink Kiss models make $80,000+ per month and are amongst the top 0.2% of all onlyfans creators.
Our unique approach and experience are the reasons our models make much more than the industry average.

We pay weekly via direct deposit to card or to a bank account.

PINK KISS is an innovative Talent Agency

What is Fanclub?

Fanclub is a social network platform (like OnlyFans) that allows you to turn your followers into paid subscribers. This means your fans need to pay a monthly fee to view your content.

PINK KISS is creating content, building and managing social and fanclub accounts; facilitate monetizing them and ensuring our talents are maximising their earnings.


PINK KISS Solution:

We have successfully built a team of industry leading social media experts, marketers photographers, videographers, graphic designers, editors, content writers and industry professionals.

Our solutions offer you full freedom to focus on what you do best and leave the daunting routine tasks to our team of experts. Enjoy life and let us optimize your earnings from it!

What’s included in the service:
  • Build Media Profile & Story
  • Design Marketing creative materials
  • Registration and setup of the fanclub’s accounts
  • Media exposure including: PR, Submissions, Press release
  • All promotions and marketing technique (not only shoutouts)
  • Growth of your social accounts
  • Fanclub’s account management
  • Fanclub’s daily posting
  • Message management and fans support
  • PPV and other products sales
  • Daily optimizations of the performance for improving the generated income
  • Advising  and assisting with content creation
Bonus : 
  • Free vacations for content creation, cross promotion and fun
  • Training our talent to improve content and optimize revenues
  • Instagram Verification Process


PINK KISS Solution:


  • Expertiese and execution of various and unique marketing techniques (not only shoutouts) for increasing fan base
  • Message management and Sales for increasing revenues
  • Effective Analysis and Optimization of the process for increasing income generation
  • Building our talents Media profiles and the stories behind them
  • Instagram Verification Process (not guaranteed)
  • Comfortable payment solution
  • Special Content Trips for our talents - covering content creation , cross promotion , free consulting and fun
  • Content rights protection


To be a PINK KISS model you must not only be very beautiful, sexy, and fun but also remarkably attractive, self motivated and have a strong work ethic.

Our models are hand selected and trained to offer their fans the best experience possible. We are accepting a limited number of applications for female models.

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